Reach Profitable New Markets with Lodr

There is no solution on the market available to users like Lodr—It will revolutionize the shipping and hauling markets forever.

Lodr will “re-invent” an inefficient process by tapping into the potential of simple, cost-effective technology that creates a streamlined process and helps users gain truth in data.

Lodr puts everyone on the map for real-time truth and transparency that is mutually beneficial:

  • Haulers can instantly see driver and asset location of all the trucks they own.
  • When searching, the dispatcher yields multiple matches in minutes with less phone calls and dead-end searches.
  • Dispatchers will save time and money through streamlining the process—they can see what trucks are nearby and their capacities.
  • The entire process is now made transparent—the hauler and load connect directly so there are fewer players, more efficiency in the system, and truth in numbers.
  • Truckers can avoid deadhead and make more money on the backhaul.

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