Dispatchers: Find Matches

With Lodr, you are in control. No more wasting time on the phone trying to find the right hauler. Get multiple matches to haulers near you—available right now!

Drivers: Make More Money

Avoid deadhead and optimize your backhaul by listing your truck and your availability for everyone to see. Make money on more loads that need to go where you’re going.

Searching Made Easy

Lodr helps everyone save time—and that means saving money. Find more available matches with custom searches based on weight, load, and the truck’s capabilities.

Streamline Searches to Eliminate the Hassle

Things are moving faster than ever before, but are you relying on old technology and hoping for better results? Things can get a lot easier when you have better tools at your command.

Lodr connects dispatchers directly to haulers effortlessly right through a phone or computer.

Stop wasting time on the whiteboard. It’s time to modernize the whole process, reclaim wasted time, and boost your bottom line—because that’s what it’s all about.

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Get in Control of Your Earning Power

Truckers know better than anyone else that deadhead is a lost opportunity to make money. It also means you’re paying for fuel and spending all that time on the road without a paycheck waiting at the end of the road.

With Lodr, dispatchers get matched to haulers in minutes, so whichever end you’re sitting on, you’ll never have to leave it up to chance.

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